Self-management against bad habits

The important thing one should reconsider as soon as possible is one’s approach towards bad habits, on the one hand, and develop a new approach, on the other hand.

One may think that other people register bad habits quickly:

  • Leave the cabinet doors open;
  • Chewing fingernails;
  • Consume unhealthy snacks in front of the TV;
  • Buy gifts at the last minute;
  • His opponent in conversation can not be persuaded.

You identify your own by asking 2 simple questions: Which of your behaviors are bothering you or others? Which behaviors harm you or others? A few self-management tips that will help you tackle it.

Find motivation

You have recognized a bad habit and set yourself a goal: From now on I do not do this anymore. List all imaginable motivations for it – and find out those that really make sense to you. That’s your motivation. Example: Your doctor advises you to lose weight because of your health. A very reasonable reason, but without a whistle. Maybe you realize that you can put your former favorite pants back on. Only if you fully identify with your goal, you have a chance to get rid of the old fad.

Tip: Motivate yourself twice by concluding an agreement with your partner: Everyone has one wish for the other – eg.: “You clean up your dirty laundry, and I always turn off the light when I leave a room.”

Formulate your intention positively

If you decide to “keep your hands still” despite your nervousness, you will reach your goal better than with the intention of “not chewing your nails”. The word “not” fades in the unconscious, so the image of the nail-chewing is especially imprinted Choose a wording without the word “not”: “Do not leave the windows open” will “close the windows”.

Many bad habits have taught you role models in childhood. Even mature adults involuntarily behave as their parents do in some situations. Therefore, it pays to look back: If you recognize a bad habit as a family tradition, you can easily part with it. Even if your dad hid behind the newspaper during meals, you may decide to talk to your partner.

Good habits

Often, old habits can not be abolished without substitution. After all, many a bad habit serves a good cause: If you throw your office clothes carelessly into the corner after work, you may symbolically throw away the worries of the working day. In this case, make sure to hang up your clothes and choose a different ritual to get away from the work routine. Rinse z. For example, take your anger home with a glass of water. Or: You are always in the morning in the shower, so you have a quieter morning than your lively children. New, energy-saving ritual: They retreat to the bedroom, lock the door for a few minutes and listen to music.

Tip: Ask your bad habit: What use do I have of you? That makes it easier to find a suitable replacement.

Change the conditions Many people succeed small or larger new beginnings on vacation, when they are relaxed and anyway much different than at home. But even in everyday life, you can break the power of bad habits with the help of small changes. If you nibble too much at night in front of the TV, take the TV away in the basement for 2 weeks. Or you pick up the snacks in a very awkward to reach the place. If your dining room table keeps turning to the storage, place a large vase on it or cover the dishes for the next one after each meal. Experiment!